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Hello Community,

I'm Alex, 31 years old, i've been working in banks and i was fed up of the way of doing things (old, slow, inefficient).
I've always been a bit geeky and a tech enthusiastic, so i decided to learn to code.
After fewcourses followed online, i saw that in order to elevate my coding i needed to learn in a more academic way.
Therefore, i decided to enroll in a bootcamp, in my home country in France.

Experience was awesome, i love coding :) that's for sure.
Totally, do not regret this change and the investment.

I finished the bootcamp few weeks ago, now i've joined my girlfriend in a caribbean island 😎.

I've a ton of article to read (mostly from 😁) a lot of reharse to do with my bootcamp course, a portofolio website to build, a e-shop project for friend and practice practice and again practice coding.

Then, hopefully i will be able to find some freelancing project.

Thanks for this site, i've been reading articles before my bootcamp even without understanding all it helped a lot.
Now, even more helpfull and usefull to elevate my game.
Thrilled to be part of the community.

Wish you all the best and please keep posting great ressources 👏🏼

Stack : HTML5, CSS3, Ruby, Ruby on rails, ES6 MySql (bootcamp stack).
After being comfortabl with these, i would like to learn a JS framework such as React and/or Angular (any advice??)

PS: Sorry for my writing, i'm not writing so much in english, i have to practice and put the corrector in english 😝

Wish you all the best and see you around here.


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Colin Principe

Bienvenue Alex! Bonne chance dans vos projets à venir!