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I did the maths to check, I may be wrong, please correct me if so.
I have used the Azure Pricing calculator.(

Let's imagine a real case where 1 million users would connect to and send only 1 message to test the chat room on a monthly basis.

  • Azure Functions cost : 0$ because the first million is free. Even if they send 10 messages, it's still cheap (2$ as you said)

Now, SignalR :

  • The free tier does not apply because it allows only 20 simultaneous connections
  • Standard tier starts at 41,30 € (max 1 million messages, max 1000 simultaneous connections per unit) (let's say 40$)

If we sum up, for a chat room like this (which is very well done and neat, Azure is great, no doubt on that) we have 42$/month.

And as for the 1000 users/day, that's only within the limit of approx 32 messages/user/day on a monthly basis. Pass that limit and you'll need two SignalR units, doubling the price.

If you have more than 1000 simultaneous users, how do you plug new ones to another unit ? This would double the messages sent ?

Am I wrong ?

Hi Xavier. I've sent your question to the product team. Hope to get back to you soon :)

hi Xavier. I believe Anthony's first response is accurate. We are working on revamping the page for doing calculations on Cloud costs. Hopefully, this will become easier to use quite soon

So we have 60$/month on a 1000 users/day average on a monthly basis, based on Anthony's statement.

Please keep me and readers an posterity informed:

  • when the Azure pricing calculator will be "revamped" and will accurately evaluate costs (I can't believe the M of GAFAM shouldn't get this fixed within a couple days)
  • when you will be able to give a clear answer to the costs involved, as precise as the shiny tech bits delivered.

And one last question: Is really al this about technology or is it marketing ? If so, I promess I won't ask anything anymore.

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