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Discussion on: Going from Windows (Lenovo 14") to MacBook Pro 13"

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Johnny Meza

I have an LG Gram as my own laptop and a Macbook Pro that was given to me for work. I love working on a Macbook because of the terminal, long battery life, kickass trackpad, and just how sleek the product is.

You'll get used to it. The hardest transition for me was getting used to the command key instead of using CTRL. Especially since I'm sharing the same keyboard between both computers.

I still have an Android phone, and a Windows Desktop for gaming. I'm not all-in on Apple products, but I'm considering replacing my LG Gram for a Macbook Air as my personal laptop.

I think once you spend enough time to learn some hotkeys and trackpad gestures you'll feel right at home.

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Emmanuel Obogbaimhe Author

Yea I agree I feel Im already getting more comfortable with the setup. Thanks.