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There is information overload if you look at all the tutorials, trends, new tech, tools, options, even for people who went to top computer science universities.

Since often times, for example, the computer languages you learn in class may not be the languages/frameworks/tools/processes that actual industry uses.

And there is the grass is always greener syndrom. For example, say you are learning Python, someone mentions Go is the next cool thing. You suddenly feel you need to learn GO instead. Or if you are learning react, suddenly someone says vue is cooler, then you feel like you have to switch.

So, instead feeling that you need to learn all the languages/tech, focus on learn to solve problems.
Once you learn one thing really well, and learn how to solve problems in that language/framework. Most general program languages and framework will feel very similar, and you'll be pick them up quicker.

Like Kasey said, pick one app idea, and just start to make it work in the general programming language you most familiar with, and only focus on resource/tools/frameworks/medium artcles that help you build that app, and not be distracted.

Even if your end result app isn't production ready, you learned a lot.


Thanks! I definitely tend to fall for the grass is greener syndrome. It can be a challenge not to get distracted by shiny objects, for sure.

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