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Discussion on: What's the big deal with privacy?

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xXAlphaManXx • Edited

Everyone care for their own privacy. If you say that it doesn't matter if big companies spy over you - you are WRONG! You care about your privacy without knowledge.

You have locks over your bedroom, you lock your door when using restroom, you lock your phone, you hate when someone opens the gallery without permission. You care for your privacy.

If you allow companies track you down, track you on every little niche things you do online, then I would ask you to write every passwords of every account you own, remove all the locks, prevent deleting history off browser, tell us the passwords of your bank accounts.

Everyone fail to do so. It's a basic human nature to value privacy. It's not that one should think about privacy if that person is doing something wrong. Everyone should value their privacy no matter what.

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Enrique Jose Padilla Author

It's hard to have a healthy discussion when your first statement is telling that my opinion is wrong. But barring that:

  • Any door I lock is for the convenience of other people more than mine as I wouldn't like to scar anyone walking into something that they would want to erase from their memories.
  • I actually used to not lock my phone until I realized if someone stole it they literally had a free phone. But besides that anyone is welcome to view my gallery.
  • The issue with sharing my password would be identity theft, besides also i don't know why I would allow people to empty my bank accounts.

I respect your opinion on the importance of privacy and you gave great examples.

I do disagree with "It's a basic human nature to value privacy." Any scientific evidence to support that? I would argue we value more community and sharing than keeping being private.