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re: All That You Need to Know About Microsoft's New Programming Language: Bosque VIEW POST

re: Thanks Yaser for the explanation. It wasn't as clear just by reading the README. I guess we'll see in the future. Languages usually stick around b...

You know what I love about your comments, rhymes... I always learn something new from them!

This is the first time I hear about Dark, I've gone through their website and so... all are marketing information, nothing really technical.

What interested me, is the team behind it... one is the founder of CircleCI and another was a product manager at KickStarter. Surely, they will get tons of funding!

Can't wait to see the actual product in the future...

in combination with some marketing and the right early adopters.

This says it all 😆

Could this be also a playground for new TypeScript features?

To be honest, I don't see any potential feature... I just see a whole different perspective of programming (that says it's less error-prone), and many programmers are gonna promote that (if proven successful).

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