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Love the nitpick idea. I always clarify with something like “not a big deal but” so I’m definitely going to start prefixing with nit instead of doing that.


Only thing is I've had people say "nit" to me on things that were pretty subjective (like it deviated from their preferred style but was in no way a standard for our team). In those cases using "nit" almost seems insulting, like they've assumed that their suggestion is correct. I think "nit" is fine when it's something obvious (like extra whitespace or a typo).


Yeah, that's awesome that you loved it. nitpicks are minor but technically relevant. I love them. It removes the awkwardness of being picky (sometimes) 😅


Someone wrote "nit" in a code review at my company once, and someone who wasn't familiar with that term thought that was the preferred name of the author 😂

Haha this is hilarious. I was going to suggest that we should share some common practices with new devs or new clients although we wouldn't get to giggle on this one then 😁


We are using prefixes for close to every comment:

Minor: means the commitees can chose whether to improve that one
Major: this one needs to be adressed

works quite well for us

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