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Yuri Alves on August 20, 2018

I was wondering if the Dev community would take time out of your busy schedule and possibly check out BitBulb and give me some feedback, and say ... [Read Full]
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Really awesome idea.

I think overall the look/feel of the site could be greatly improved. The massive social bar on the left is a little much in my opinion, and the posts pages are a little unappealing.

Some of the links I clicked in my short time on the site did not work, and some images were missing.

Overall I think the design/styling could use a little work, and of course, keep on adding new ideas/tutorials! It's a great concept that I would love to see come to life!


I like the idea. I dislike not having a concrete goal when trying new tech/languages. It would be neat to pull ideas from , , .

Over though, great idea.


Well, the last time you asked, I noticed some issues that are still not fixed so...

First of all, your link is broken 😀

Also, it seems the random generation on the site can give you the same result two times (maybe more) in a row, you should fix that (it gives the impression that the button does not work, since the result does not change).

Also, the Javascript console outputs a lot of errors.


Oh that’s really odd. Because I did fix the issue, as I had to change all of the code for the generator. I’ll definitely look at it again.

Thank you for telling. I’m sorry if it seemed like I didn’t take your feedback into account


No problem :)

Another few things I can say about the site:

  • Most ideas are "coming soon", that means the site is quite "useless" (not to be mean, just pragmatic) right now. Also to be really attractive you would need a lot more ideas, and more varied ones.
  • Submitting ideas via social media is not a great idea IMHO, mainly because people might not use those social medias, a way to submit ideas from the site would be more appropriate.
  • It is actually quite unclear that we can submit ideas, the user has to go to the "about" page, which is tedious. If I were you, I'd indicate that possibility on the front page.
  • I see there is a way to register and login: what for? Since the site is quite simple (you come for a project idea, which you get as soon as the front page) I don't see the point, so if there is any advantages to register, you should indicate it on the site, if you have features you should "advertise" for it.
  • It's more debatable but: you should go open source (if it is already, it's not clearly said, so I assume it's not), mainly because among the many advantages of open source, that would be a nice way to crowd-source your project ideas.
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