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Discussion on: How to Competitive Programming

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Yuri Predborskiy

Depends on where you want to work. In my country nobody asked ds/algorithm questions at junior and middle roles, some easy questions appeared for senior role. But that could be because it is not emphasized in higher edication.

I'm studying competitive programming myself and find it useful as an extra skill for a developer, but not a deciding factor for a hire. I highly recommend making a few projects that you can showcase with open source code. Like a portfolio project or some api - these work for a web developer. They emphasize a far more important skill - ability to decide on a project and do it from start to finish.

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Raksha Kannusami • Edited on

Most of the companies that recruit freshers test the student's DSA skills and conduct online coding test upon which we will be shortlisted for face to face interview. It's important to be good at coding as well as have some good projects on our resume.