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re: Thank you for your response! The last thing I want to know is that if I apply for an internship, let's say front-end web development or .Net deskto...

No problem!

The thing I've observed about employers taking on students is looking for genuine passion for the job, and the ability to display that you are a good fit for the job.

To address genuine passion, you could spend a little time outside of university reading a book or working through a course.

To show you are a good fit for the job, read the job specification carefully and pick out the skills they are looking for. A common one could be as simple as "working in a team" - you can bring any experience (even non-development) to back this up! For example, I talked about my part-time job in retail in detail, where I could demonstrate soft skills such as team working.

Good luck with the applications Hassaan!

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