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Discussion on: As a self-taught, have you considered getting a degree afterwards?

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Hey Damien, never went to college, went to a bootcamp and have been working full stack for about a year and a half now. I find myself asking the same question and after asking several colleagues and reading through several posts on forums, I think it becomes a matter of what you want to do in the future.

One thing I've heard often: If you want to specialize, it's best to get your undergrad because you will probably want have to get a masters+ to be competitive/get started in that realm.

However, I feel like I'd like to get into developer advocacy , team lead of some sort where (I believe) experience may be more valuable than a degree. I live in the Bay Area in the US and an education, even from a community college, can get pretty expensive. I've done some math and thought how long it would take me to finish on a part time basis and I'm looking at 6+ years. By that time, I'd have 7+ years of industry experience and having a degree might only change <10% of opportunities at that point (in my opinion).

I have semi made up my mind to take some classes but more for my curiosity and thirst for perspective, not necessarily with the goal of getting an undergrad.

Hope this helps in some way :)