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Discussion on: I choose self-learning!

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Fernando Zablah • Edited

I think its great that you chose the self-learning path, especially here in México where there are only over priced programming courses. Its also great that you share your knowledge! What I can give you as an advice, (from what I learned from own expierience) is that when you are learning an online course and you feel like you already know the basics (of that language/framework) try starting a project on your own. Trying to build something by yourself, doing has really thaught me A LOT, because you start searching for answers on the web, instead of following a tutorial. It doesnt have to be a big project, it can be something simple, or even a clone of other website.
Best of luck y saludos desde Monterrey!

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Brenda Limón Author

Without practice, knowledge is wasted, I'll try to start a project on my own as soon as I can :) thanks Fernando!

A ver cuando voy a Monterrey por carne asada :P

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Fernando Zablah

Cuando gustes!