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Discussion on: How xstate saved our πŸ₯“

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Zach Banducci • Edited

Really great article! I love to see XState being used out in the wild.

One thing you should probably note is that the machine input into useMachine is only interpreted once and is not reactive to any configuration changes. This means that even though you input a machine with different configuration, the result from useMachine won’t have your updated sellable or purchaseHeaders(I learned this the hard way).

Instead, you can use two useEffects to listen for when sellableSlug and userId change and send explicit CHANGE events to your interpreted machine. This may also help make things more predictable.

This may have been resolved from the last time I inspected the source, so take my suggestion with the smallest grain of salt.

Otherwise, this looks really awesome!

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David K. 🎹

You're correct - the way state machines work is via events, and events only, which makes them much more predictable than a machine arbitrarily "changing itself" at any time.