Discussion on: Is linux good enough for everyday programming?

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With Ubuntu 20.04 and Microsoft having almost completely given in to Linux, you can do some cool stuff now. Install VS Code, Powershell, .Net Core, and Docker. You can spin up a MS SQL Docker container and have a DB in about 5 seconds. Then set up VS Code to work with. NET Core and PS, which is pretty much automatic. Now you can code in C# .NET and MS SQL and publish your code as a Docker container with the web server inside. Or say you'd rather do React Native. Expo runs as well if not better than in any other platform. And as mentioned, scrcpy is the best thing in the world. I have gotten GIMP 2.10 to do everything I need. Mind you, my main system is Windows, but all my laptops are Linux because Linux makes it possible to actually get things done on a Asus Zenbook Flip with the 1.1 GHz ULV CPU. In Windows, it could be 15 minutes before I could use my computer if an update was pending. In Linux 15 seconds no matter what. And I can run GZDoom and MAME with playable framerates, even with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse.