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Light or Dark Theme - How's your code editor look like?

VSCode with OneDarkPro theme ❤️

What was your win this past week?

I just published new version of the fcal 0.4.0 It took me ...


Thanks man, I like your idea. Support for Voice assistants ...

Quick question: "How did you learn to code?"

It is good old BASIC, I was 11 years old I think. I probabl...

The Top 10 Places to Learn Go

go101 is my favourite

My friends won't read my stuff

hahaha , that will be cool !

function Undefined in go

You can use markdown syntax to present the code better Examp...

Should university teach current or future technologies?

May be , but They should focus more on data structures, Alg...

I reviewed 200+ PRs in 10 days - Here is what I learned

Neither I am , I am more of backend developer This librar...

I reviewed 200+ PRs in 10 days - Here is what I learned

Definitely adding to Fcal after reading t...

Ethical Editor / IDE ?

What? software has political views ?

Whats your favorite programming language(s)

C, Golang and Typescript

Go Vs Rust what to choose next for web API development

Go , it got everything in stdlib for web development. You d...

What was your win this week?

Thank you ! It's just combination of formula and calcula...

What was your win this week?

Published my first Library ♥️ Fcal Math expression evalua...

This is probably the funniest Codepen I found this year!

hahah, clever!

best practices in publishing npm package

yes, I am thinking of creating two packages

best practices in publishing npm package

it seems good idea, thanks

Making 'The Matrix' Effect in Javascript

That is so coool !

Making a 15-Puzzle Game Using React Hooks

This is wonderful, I really like your work !

What was your win this week?

Launching my first module in Go 💙 oops

What's your DJ name?

DJ reinitDB

Golang server load

Hey, thanks for taking your time to help me out I will try ...


Thanks 😀