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Discussion on: Workspace Wednesday: Show me pics of your at-home setup

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Abhinav Kumar • Edited on

abhnv workspace

  • BenQ 27" QHD monitor
  • Lenovo Y50-70 (HDD swapped with SSD and 16GB RAM added) docked below the desk
  • Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate mechanical keyboard + Logitech M331 silent mouse
  • Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch for notes and mockups
  • Creative 2.1 speakers + Apple Earpods hidden below the keyboard. (I don't like headphones so I take calls using speakers and Earpods' mic)
  • LG 50" TV for projecting
  • Nebula and Deadpool
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why QHD? is 4k too much? I mean too small icons, text, etc?