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Discussion on: Do you often use border property to figure out and focus elements in CSS

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Temani Afif

adding border is not a good idea to debug. You need to use outline:1px solid red instead. border will change your layout since it will be considered a part of the element dimension and will affect a lot of stuff like margin collapsing. Outline won't affect your layout

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Yash Desai Author

Thanks for your suggestion, I really missed that thing, I'm really grateful to you!

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cblte • Edited on

Thats a nice litte trick with the '?'. BUt I would also use 'outline' as it is not added to the dimension of the object.

Note: Outline differs from borders! Unlike border, the outline is drawn outside the element's border, and may overlap other content. Also, the outline is NOT a part of the element's dimensions; the element's total width and height is not affected by the width of the outline. Source:

But is there an easy way of adding an outline to ALL components? Or all div, p, table or whatever?