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Austin S. Hemmelgarn • Edited

I finally got a Discord bot I’ve been working on for the past 6 weeks into a state that I was ready to publish the code, including finishing a complete rewrite of the original Python implementation in (admittedly somewhat poorly written but significantly faster) Elixir.

GitHub logo Ferroin / Roll35

A discord bot for rolling against various tables for Pathfinder 1e and related games.


A Discord bot for rolling against various tables for Pathfinder 1e and related games.


  • Roll for random magic items in a single command. This automatically handles most of the sequential rolls required to produce an exact magic item.
  • Automatically roll random spells for scrolls, potions, and wands.
  • Roll random spells, optionally for a specific level, class, or category.
  • Roll random mundane weapons and armor.

Planned Features

  • Allow rolling per-class for scrolls/wands.
  • Automatically roll random spells present in items that store spells.
  • Roll against arbitrary data tables.
  • Automatically roll for intelligence/special markings on magic items.
  • Respond with embeds containing relevent information about the rolled item, including hyperlinks to relevant reference material.
  • Roll specific base weapons or armor as magic items.
  • Roll dice by themselves.
  • Fetch data on specific items directly without rolling for them randomly.
  • The ability to enable and disable specific items at runtime (with per-server/user config).
  • Support…
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