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Radus28 Software Solutions • Edited on

I am not sure, whether I am a software Engineer, Full stack developer, Tech lead, Team manager, Architect, Project manager, Scrum Master or DevOps(?!) Professional. Because I worked and working with all above topics.

I started with .net, but transformed myself to Open source & PHP.

Now, focusing on latest technologies emerging with PHP, such as front end frameworks, Baas (Serverless) and Mobile (Swift, Ionic etc..)

The Favorite Project I ve worked is KTAS Australia CRM (Kmart Auto & Tire), which was started at Sydney, developed in PHP using vtiger CRM 5.4.0, started with a good analysis with the inhouse team, users, Managers... etc, progressed into rapid development, initial release was in 2 months, support and development continued offshore.

Currently working with Italian team who are building efficient and intelligent extensions to their commercial CRM application.