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Hey there! Welcome to dev.to!

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Our last welcome thread was even better than the first. It's gotten a bit long again though. Let's get this started one more time!

Please introduce yourself to the community! You can start by sharing your favorite programming languages, what you're interested in learning next, or your latest and greatest side project. No rules, just make yourself at home! 😀

Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! ✌️

Also, here's a random question to get you started:

What's your favorite project that you've worked on?


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Hi everyone, I'm new here. Write javascript both frontend and backend, golang, python, java(android). Currently freelancing on Fiverr.

My most favourite project is an SMS application i built to collect users' feedbacks on a particular drink

i'm happy to be here


Hi guys,

I came across dev.to from a dev newsletter and was surprised there's this huge community of developers. Feeling right at home :) I am based in beautiful Victoria, BC and doing my masters in Computer Science at University of Victoria.

I love programming and all aspects of full-stack development. My favourite project was to build a data visualization framework using D3. js. My graduate thesis is focused on data mining.

Looking forward to meet fellow devs :)


Hi folks. Favorite project I've worked on recently is my current one...collegescheduler.com! Helping a small engineering team do great things while learning something new every day.

Love Node.js, Javascript, CSS, and even some Java. Currently focusing on leadership and building high performance teams.

Happy to be here.


Nice project! I love anything that overhauls enterprise systems, since they're all so outdated and NOT useful. Still remember the pain of using Blackboard for registration and having to email professors EVERY semester.


Oh yeah, the students love the service. Having seen what universities ask their students to do in tools like PeopleSoft, it's very clear that the need is there for an improved experience. Thanks for the comments!


Hello World!

I'm Nitya (@nitya ) from New York and I'm currently setting things up for our annual end-of-year developer conference, DevFestNYC. This is a by-community, for-community event and is currently in its second year. You can see last year's event page here.

This year, we are planning to hold the event on Dec 2-3 at Galvanize NYC, and make it accessible to more people both for learning about new technology from experts in the space, but also to get more hands-on learning for devs through workshops and codelabs.

So what kinds of content do we hope to share on this account? Well, the conference is focused on mobile, web, cloud, machine learning and emerging technologies (e.g, conversational UI/UX, IoT etc) and we hope to share both pre- and post- event content related to these topics, with some focus on speakers who might be there in person.

I am also personally interested in spending more time writing longer posts (vs. 140 char tweets). So I am hoping to also share some of the behind the scenes stories on what it takes to organize and run a developer conference. What works, what doesn't - and why.

It's a work in progress but I love the GDG NYC community and hope that we continue to repay the support of our members by doing more things to help them reach their personal and professional goals in tech. Have questions or comments, or want to get involved? Just say hello!



Hi my name is David. I've been working on my thesis for several months (about 4 months) to get my engineering degree in telecomunications and information networks. This project is a distributed system for tournaments of programming. Contestants can be choose between java or c# to solve proposed problems.
I've been using vuejs, golang, docker and AWS. I hope that it soon can be deployed on the cloud to execute tests with real contestants. ;)

I've worked with PHP, Nodejs, Java, C# but I love Golang now!

If you want to see some my projects on my Github profile, you are welcome!.


Thanks for reading me!


Hiya. I'm Gosha from Minsk, Belarus. I'm a consulting developer, doing React Native lately for my awesome clients; I'm trying to help developers by blogging regularly about things I see/hear come up often, and have self-published a book on forms in React after writing quite a few articles on the topic.

I've also been digging Haskell for quite a while for its interesting ideas in purity and its type system.


Welcome! Excited to read about the React Native posts.


Usually IDK what to put or how am I going to introduce myself so:
Nelson, self-taught webdev student at FreeCodeCamp, Udemy, eDX among others platforms which are useful to practice. Mostly I spend my time reading about everything but I like politics, economics and code which was my first love (aww!) in high school but go to university was expensive doing CS, so I did my second passion (politics and economics) and finished my BA in International Relations.

Now I'm practicing (not a lot as I would like) in order to build something awesome but in the meantime, I want to help NGOs to build something. Oh, I write about bitcoins at Bitcoinlandia in spanish, something like a personal blog or something.


We definitely have users who understand Spanish that I'm sure would be interested in reading your Bitcoin posts.


They're welcome if they like to write also, my programming concepts about Bitcoin are very basic.


I'm a self-taught programmer, auto mechanic by trade. By far my favorite project is also my biggest, The SBTCVM Project, a project that aims at creating balanced ternary Virtual machines and related tools, for witch i am chief developer.

My main programming language is python, though i do know bash shell, and have explored c and HTML in the past. Also, i do work with SBTCVM's assembly language quite a bit, as one may expect.

I also have a decent understanding of mathematics and logic, and do enjoy programming quite a bit. besides programming, i enjoy art, crafts, and videogames.


Hi ! I'm Paul from Paris, France. I'm currently working as a backend developer, mainly in Go and I'm passionate about what I do. I wrote some articles, even though I quite don't have the time now.
I love developing open-source projects, most of them are completely useless though hehe
My favorite open-source project is goploader, which I self-host at gpldr.in even though the main goal for this project is for people to self-host their own instance !


Sebastian Kolind, front-end badass @ Skybrud.dk. Currently spending a lot of time in Vue.js, creating single page applications at work. Would love to get better at functional programming and Node.js. Web: sebastiankolind.com- not much, but more to come. Also crafting a flatfile cms called Volcano in PHP.


Hi, I'm Faustino from Panamá.

I'm a computer engineer student.

Favorite programming languages

C, Crystal, JavaScript & Python.

What you're interested in learning next?

AI, Julia, Rust, Machine Learning.

Latest and greatest side project.

Crystal Language - A VSCode extension for the Crystal programming language.

What's your favorite project that you've worked on?

Amber - An open source efficient, cohesive and fun web framework for the Crystal language.

var developer = magician

developer : Hero = magician (Crystal)


I self-taught things as new programming languages and new operative systems.

I'm a Manjaro Linux and KDE user. My favorite code editor is VSCode.

I'm a native Spanish speaker, also learning English and Portuguese

Well, I love landscapes, dogs, my family and solve problems.


Hi everyone, my background actually coming from Core Banking running on Mainframe using COBOL, CICS and IMS, but for the last 3 years my role has changed into coaching and preparing engineers to become more Agile.

End of 2014 we start to implement SCRUM into our core banking development team, change the release cycle from 3 months to biweekly and roll out to the rest of the other team on other platforms.

Starting this year we are preparing to upgrade our knowledge, Process and Technology to adopt microservices, XP and DevOps.

Happy to learn and share.


Hello, everyone!
It's mo over here, studied business computing but got rid of most of the business things. I am a full-time dev at a small-to-mid-sized German company.

I do mainly Java back-end coding for our workflow-application, but also done tiny pieces of JS and React. At my spare time, I love to play games and learn new things about programming since I'm a career changer and started out 4 years ago (as a student).

At the moment I try to find time to learn Kotlin... Yea I guess that's it. Cheers!


Hi everyone! I'm Victor, from Kiev, Ukraine. I've found a lot of good articles with high quality on this site. So, I would like to follow you guys and have share some knowledge with you. Favorite languages is Ruby and JS. Last two years I works only with Nodejs. Thanks!


Hey everyone,
Long time pl/sql programmer (Oracle), currently learning backend JavaScript via node.js and Alexa programming. Work has me ramping up on Python and data science. What are you working on?


Hi everyone! I'm Will, from NC, living in LA. I do back-end computer stuff, and work for a university library. Not formerly trained in code, but my graduate education was related to creative coding for experimental art and music.

Before the Summer (2017) we built a web-app with vue.js and laravel. It was a fun, fast, agile, and data-driven project that I was really happy with. We collaborated with university graduate students working on TEI encoded journals.

While the project isn't public yet, it was a really good team building exercise, and proved we could all learn, and develop without much overhead.


Awesome to have you on board, Will.

creative coding for experimental art and music

Damn cool.


Hello I'm Jonathan.
So I'm self learning web development now and want to be a better dev soon. I take courses from freeCodeCamp, Codecademy, Laracasts, and Udemy, Webpack Academy, to learn new things. Idk why I liked coding in web, than my previous newbie coding experience on VB.NET. Maybe it's the freeCodeCamp community that helps me when I am stuck at something :D

I am studying web development this day because our thesis project is like a video tutorial then quiz app. Lot of challenges ahead as because this our first project, figuring out how the system works.

We code our site with Laravel/PHP and Vue because of the tremendous amount of videos at laracasts. But someday I like to migrate to a full javascript stack. It's because of the interesting projects in freeCodeCamp. :)

Though I just fast-paced learned some concepts because of the time-limit on our project, I hope to have a bigger grasp of the concepts underlying in programming and apply them to my code. You know, like I watched advanced programming videos like design patterns or other advanced concepts like SOLID, but don't know when or how to use them to your advantage :D.

thanks :)


Hi all, I like writing JS in the frontend and backend. I like playing with the DOM with JS too. I like to be involved with talented teams and engineers who help me motivate myself and help me enhance my skills. I believe that I still need more work to be good in programming but I tend to learn something new every day.


Hello everyone!

Favorite project I worked on was one of my freetime projects that I had to shut down about a year ago. Its (lack of) success depended largely on having a large userbase, since it was meant to have people interact with each other based on location.

It never really got off. I'm still trying to come up with solutions to make it more attractive...

I'm really looking forward to explore this platform! Have a good one to you all!



Hello ,I am called Kundananji, a CS student learning software development in java . I love Erlang which I begun studying a few weeks ago and am self taught as a frontend dev. I would love to learn full stack web dev and become really good at it. I have recently worked on a project to build an autonomous but object avoidance rebot car.
currently i am gonna embark of developing a software architecture for distributed systems using Erlang but I have no doable project .
And the rest is the future...


Welcome Kundananji! Lots on your plate, good luck with it all.


Octavian from Bucharest, Romania.

Studied the arts 👨‍🎨, computer science 👨‍💻 and marketing 😃.

Developed software products for all I can remember, now working on a new product/startup: Pipe - a video recording platform for the web.

dev.to looks like a cool community, looking forward to contributing!


Hello, programming world!

My first programming class used punched cards! That was about 1980. First program written from a university campus used a 300-baud teletype where paper was the only display. First embedded project was writing the X.25 protocol in Assembly from a specification using an Intel 8086 CPU. Favorite programming book is still Borland's Turbo Pascal because of its organization. I have many years experience as a communication programmer. Once had identical OSI protocol sourcecode running on DEC Vax 11/780, Pyramid (Unix), IBM mainframe, Sperry/Univac mainframe, AT&T 3B2, IBM AS400. My fingerprints are all over the police and traffic radar and LIDAR world.

Favorite project is the distraction I'm working on right now when I should be doing real work: Using a Particle Electron to publish diesel engine data via MQTT over cell network. I love that the Electron has a long, long list of available libraries that pretty much seem ready to go for the ones I've messed with. It is also easy to setup processes with its multi-threading capabilities.


Welcome, David. That's a whole lot of experience! Sounds like you're still working on software for hardware, if that makes sense. That's something I've always been interested in, but I think my current expertise (web development) is a far cry from your sort of programming.

Any thoughts/advice on how to learn more about "software for hardware?"


The Particle boards are nice to start with, plus have real C programming available. Microchip has some good get-to-know-us evaluation boards. Do you have any local groups that you can join?

I live in northern Wyoming, therefore unlikely to be local to wherever you are.

Yep, I'm in New York City, where I'm sure all sorts of groups exist.

Just did a quick look at the Particle boards; they look great. They seem similar to Raspberry Pi and Arduino, but there's probably some differences I don't know about.

Thanks for the advice!


Hi everyone, i'm a developer from the other side of the Trump Wall.

Nice to meet everyone, i'm currently into the journey of self employment, looking for inspiration, and learning from the peer robots, from everywhere willing to share, experiences, fortune and misfortune, as well to share it all back.

Beam me up Scotty !!!


Yo! Found this site through r/webdev. Pretty awesome set up you guys have going on.

Well...I'm Rico and I'm busting my ass to become a better front-end developer!

Favorite project? Probably the job-board app I'm working on, decided to learn a library and set up a back end for it, stuff I've never done before! But I'm learning a lot and love coming home and spending time on it!

Doing it in React, Node, MongoDB. Fun fun fun!


Awesome! So glad to have you. Nice to see folks discovering us though that channel.


Hi Everyone, I'm Abubakar in Nigeria. I work at a company where my project is building a learning platform to allow kids practice for high school exams. I'm the front-end guy so i work with react/redux. I'm new to javascript so i'm always trying to learn as much as i can


Hello, I'm Tony from Pontianak, Indonesia. I'm full stack web developer, been working with laravel apps for a while now and starting to learn vuejs and also have a big interest in nodejs. I'm also a graphic designer.

I'm also used to be developing games and apps (mostly games) to windows phone platform, but well you all know what happen to windows phone, so i move on and learn something more relevant.

I hope by joining this community i can learn a lot with web programing (laravel, nodejs, vuejs, angular and others that i haven't known yet).


My favourite project is one that makes my life easier:


A bunch of utils to generate Java/Groovy/Scala projects from scratch with a single fire on the commandline: no bloat, no clicking around:

fika -pm

from the CLI help:

Some useful fika commands are:
assembly builds an assembly with every jar dependency and a Name.sh shell script
commands List all fika commands
libs puts every jar dependency into ./lib
project:android creates a new Android project in the current directory
project:ant creates a new Ant project in the current directory
project:java9 creates a new modular Java 9 project in the current directory
project:json creates a new web project in the current directory
project:maven creates a new Maven project in the current directory
project:metadao creates a new scala/java project in the current directory
project:rest creates a new web project in the current directory
project:scala creates a new Scala project in the current directory
project:servlet creates a new web project in the current directory
project:spark creates a new Spark / Scala project in the current directory
search:class Search the class in the jars under
spring:boot creates a new Spring Boot project containing a groovy file


Hi, I'm Santhosh, from India. I'm working on iOS platform from past 5+ years, hv created mac utility tools in my free time. Have expertise in objective C , swift , C n C++. Beginner in python. love to learn new technologies.


Hi all,
I am a web developer for 2 years. Started with HTML/CSS then JS, React, now exploring back end with php and java. Keen to learn both OO and FP. Love JS. Always looking for new projects and courses.



Let me introduce myself. My name is Daniel, but I'm usually known as Dani Sancas or just Sancas.

I've been into programming for less than a decade, but I found myself too passionate about it since the first minute. I've been developing web projects (mostly backend) for many years. I've started with ASP /w VB6, and then moved to PHP, I also worked 1 year with Delphi (Visual Pascal) and, as most programmers, I've been doing some things with Java.

However that's all in the past. My new love is the Big Data ecosystem. 2 years ago I've started using Big Data tools, such as Hadoop, Hive or Spark, but now my "toolbelt" is broader since I've included other tools like Nifi, Kafka, Flume, HBase, Zeppelin...

And, of course, I've switched my main language to Scala, embracing Functional Programming. Now I can say that "once you go functional, you never come back imperative".

My goal here is to write about Big Data, from the technical point of view (no business, no sales... no smoke at all!) so you (and me) can learn about it. I think I can improve my skills a lot while writing posts for other people.

I hope you find my articles interesting,
See you around!
Dani Sancas


Can't wait to read your posts! Welcome :)