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Discussion on: Web Development from scratch: CI/CD Infrastructure & Development Process

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Now that's a different story and a good source. And at the very beginning of it:

I travel all over the place teaching Git to people and nearly every class and workshop I've done recently has asked me what I think about git-flow. I always answer that I think that it's great - it has taken a system (Git) that has a million possible workflows and documented a well tested, flexible workflow that works for lots of developers in a fairly straightforward manner. It has become something of a standard so that developers can move between projects or companies and be familiar with this standardized workflow.


So, why don't we use git-flow at GitHub? Well, the main issue is that we deploy all the time.

Before newbies will have to resolve issues with git-flow I expect, they will have enough experience.

It is all about to see a whole process before you can do something with it.

So, for beginners case, you have not convinced me, sorry.

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Xavier Brinon

Oh gosh don't be sorry please, no harm.
We haven't convince each other, it's all fine.