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Oh man, I agree 100% about Facebook and React. I had been introduced to React via here and a number of other sites before realizing it was associated with Facebook, and was astonished to say the least. Honestly, it seems like Facebook's forte by far is everything they do and sponsor and create that isn't actually their main product :P (I suspect the programmers of Facebook-the-site-itself have similar opinions, honestly.)

RE classes and ES6, I feel like the biggest thing in my book is: they're nifty, they're definitely a sweeter-than-most level of syntactic sugar, use them if you want and skip them if you don't, but the biggest thing is to just make sure that people who are introduced to them and are using them--both newbies to OOP and not--realize that they are atypical of what many (most?) other languages do with classes. For folks who have done Java and other similar ones, I can get the appeal--and dis-appeal as well--of the class system in JS; but for people who haven't had languages that deal with them in a typical manner, JavaScript's class system is... not a great way to learn something when your future encounters of it are going to behave pretty differently.


It's impressive isn't it? As far as I know, they're not a huge core team but the way they engage with the community is just solid. I sort of imagined an army of unapproachable engineers hidden away in the basements of Silicon Valley and instead they're these cool, open people who actively seek out the community. It's not as big and scary as people might imagine.

What you're saying about classes confirms what I've been writing down so far, so that's quite comforting! I don't have much experience with class based languages, but I'm reading a lot right now and I'm starting to understand why the JS interpretation of classes is not really what classes are in general.

Thanks for the comment and info on classes, greatly appreciated! 🙌

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