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Discussion on: What are some misconceptions about web development?

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Alessandro Cuppari

Several ones come to the top of my head. The first one (and the one that upsets me the most) it's the huge ignorance amongst the processes/costs/time that it takes to make X or Y project. Once someone told me "oh you're a programmer? You know I just need a website and a mobile app", and then tried to tell me the requirements via whatsapp.

The other one it's the ignorance about the ramifications of web development: you tell people you make websites and stuff like that and then they start asking you about hosting, servers, domains, mobile apps, and so on.

Although I mainly do front end, I also have some knowledge about back end (I would say I'm no beginner, but I'm not by any means an expert), so I can at least answer those questions to some extent, but that's me. There are people that are happy doing only front end and don't know a thing about back end and vice versa, and that's ok!

And I could go on and on, but we'll enter in misconceptions about software development in general.