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re: I think the daily part of my life which is most challenging besides programming is keeping myself motivated to exercise everyday, be that walking f...

I agree with Ivan below. You want to be at the point where exercise is a habit/routine, so much so that you actually 'enjoy' it. Soon as you enjoy it becomes much easier. I currently work 40 hour weeks and exercise 6 times a week for around an hour each day.

Maybe you just haven't found the right activity? Consider taking up a sport, such as tennis? Swimming? Running? I even found myself taking up ping pong lessons for while which was a surprising burn!

Exercising (especially in the morning) will make you feel more awake during the day, allow you to sleep more easily at night and give you a faaaaabulous bod 💪🤩


yeah, I cannot recommend exercising enough. I normally have a one and a half-hour workout schedule, at least 4 times a week. One hour for a run and a 30-minute cardio workout to relieve me from the hassle of staring at a computer screen most of the time. There's this notion that as software developers we have to conform to a certain isolated lifestyle in the basement or holed up somewhere writing code all day. But this shouldn't be the case. Exercising also helps as I get to introspect during that hour-long run and keep my feet on the ground(literally ;) )

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