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Recoil: a modern state management library.

useRecoilstate seems very handy. Gonna try it in my project. ...

TailwindCSS vs Styled-Components in ReactJs

There are times when I need animations and other complex stuf...

TailwindCSS vs Styled-Components in ReactJs

I'm using a combination, works like a charm!

What CSS approach do you use in NextJS?

Mainly Tailwind, combined with some Global Style (styled comp...

What max-width do you set for your websites?

Website width 1120 or 1240. For content (like blog or news) m...

Build Simple Timeline in React

Yeah like to see it too.

7 Git tricks that changed my life

4 is super handy. Thanks!

Top 3 CSS Frameworks for Front-End Development

Tailwind is awesome with react. Building stuff at lightning s...

Most React course obsolete?

I was only looking for functional components and hook when I ...

Top 10 React Hook libraries

Thanks. Didn’t know about useDebounce. Don’t need lodash anym...

Does anyone know of a good ReactJS + Tailwind boilerplate?

I’m working on this, also with a component library. Needed it...

Top 10 ReactJS Tools used by the Most Successful Developers

Formik is really great, I've been using it for while.

What languages and tools do you use that spark joy?

Working with Laravel and Tailwind css now.

What's your personal workspace monitor(s)?


What's your personal workspace monitor(s)?

Imac 5k. Very good screen. Every screen that’s not retina I...

Laravel Create Custom Class

great post! You also can make it static, shortens it.

ASK DEV: How are you managing your code snippets

They are all files in folders, grouped in subfolders. For...

ASK DEV: How are you managing your code snippets

Build my own set of complete page layouts, that contains se...