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Discussion on: Interesting Board Game Mechanics

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦 • Edited

I used to be quite active in the board game scene and even created my own card-game which was supposed to be a stepping stone towards creating a board game.

I had launched my Kickstarter and instantly realized I set the goal too high but didn't want to relaunch. Running the KS took too much out of me so never attempted to try again.

I had put the game together in less than a month and it required little playtesting to tweak the game.
This is because I did data-modelling on day 1. Most board game developers create a game and do play tests rarely open an excel spreadsheet.

I really like games that can be played in 15mins. Easy to learn, with a pattern to success.

Games I like:

I fatigued of board games after 3 years and switch to retro-video games but now I'm not doing much of either.

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Ben Lovy Author

This looks really awesome! I like the style, very unique and seems to fit the style of the game well.

Interesting point about data modelling. I always assumed board game design was reliant on some level of trial and error, but it makes sense that you'd be able to balance it before-hand to some extent as well. Cool stuff.