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Discussion on: How do you view bugs?

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Andrew Smith

I see bugs as a means of improving. Don't get me wrong, it's so incredibly easy to get disheartened by seeing bugs in your code. But it offers the opportunity for you (the developer) to

A) Improve your software.
B) Learn! It gives you the opportunity to learn something new that you didn't before. This is SO important for a dev, especially when it comes to avoiding stagnating/staying in the same position career and knowledge wise.

Both these aspects are super important to a dev's progression. I think there's a real big stigma about bugs, and the whole notion that every dev should write perfect code, but in reality nobody writes perfect code. If a developer berates another developer because of bugs then really, they're in the wrong. Instead I think good software cultures/environments must have an open culture of accepting bugs as a means of improvement; both in terms of the software in question's codebase, and on a personal knowledge/skillset level. Instead of destroying a developer's confidence over a bug, the situation should result in developers sitting down together and fixing any issues together openly, allowing for every party (and the software, of course) to benefit.

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Great answer! "Bug hunting" is also a great way to learn for a person new to a code base.