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Andrew Smith

Developer specialising in web development and mobile app development, with a keen interest in JavaScript technologies, cross-platform & native mobile application development and Dev-Ops.

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BSc (Hons) Computer Science

The trend of web performance and the rise of static-site generators, with Gatsby.js, GraphQL and React.js tutorial.

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How to build an Geolocation Weather Forecast app in React Native in 30 minutes

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How to build an image recognition app in React Native in 30 minutes

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#explainlikeimfiveExplain Unit Testing like I'm five

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#explainlikeimfiveExplain MVC like I'm five

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What I've learnt in the first six months of my internship.

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#explainlikeimfiveExplain like I'm five: AngularJS and when you'd use it.

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#discussHow do YOU deal with imposter syndrome?

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#discussQuickfire Discussion: I'm a Junior Developer, tell me your top 3 pieces of advice.

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Why kids should learn to code

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#discussDo you ever get frustrated with your Junior Developer(s)?

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