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Discussion on: Teach others to code.

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Andrew Smith

I think teaching others is a brilliant way of improving your own skills and your own knowledge. It offers a new light on things as you end up simplifying the concepts down into something that a beginner can understand. This method of refining a concept down into its core ideas is something that can really solidify that knowledge for you.

**How to teach others to code? **In my opinion the best way is to teach basic concepts, then get them to simply start building projects. Simple projects to begin with that become increasingly challenging as they become more accustomed with the language. In my opinion the best way to learn to code, is to break stuff, fix it, repeat.

**In terms of actual resources? **I found Codeacademy great, as it feels great to work towards goals and challenges. But to be honest, I'd still recommend getting a beginner to just start coding and build simple things.

Another tip (and something I wish I'd done from day one) Get them to keep their code! Nothing beats imposter syndrome and helps you realise how much progress you've made more than seeing your old code.