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Discussion on: Frontend, backend - let's be friends again

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Andrzej Krzywda Author

Thanks for sharing your perspective here.

I'm not accepting the current status quo around frontends/backends - I find it over-complicated and not productive at all.

I also have a different opinion on tooling - it's not subjective. Tooling ecosystem, while hard to measure is in some cases less mature or more mature and thus can be objectively evaluated as worse or better. Frontends just didn't have enough time to mature similarly to some of the backend ecosystems (not all).

Finally, I'm not fine that one developer can't deliver a whole feature alone. While I agree that things are getting more complex, I don't think web overall has to be that complex as it is now.

Peace :)

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Mitch VanDuyn

I cannot agree with you more. The whole front end / back end thing has created a huge amount of friction. As you say a single developer should be able to understand and deliver a feature. It causes friction between developers (I don't mean arguments, just that things slow down), and it causes friction between the customer and the developers.

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