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Awesome analysis, Lynne. Did you know you could use <figcaption>A caption of my graph</figcaption> in the editor? Works like a charm! (Also, we should put it in the editor guide, oops)

What's interesting to me is that I really appreciate the work/life balance and "good for junior devs" (me) that has, and it's great to see that almost 3000 readers feel the same way.

Also, I think the bar graphs colors should correspond with the attribute instead of the position, but I'm not an expert on data visualization. 🙈


FIGCAPTION. I did not know about that!!! Thank you 🙌

I also really appreciate the community and the culture readers here have created. I'm pretty junior too. I guess it depends on who you ask, but in some scenarios, I'm extremely junior.

I'm not an expert on data visualization either, but these graphs are from Amplitude. I was definitely too lazy to create my own bar graphs, or modify colors. If that's an option, I wasn't even aware. 🙈


Haha no worries, I've never used Amplitude so I have no idea whether it's customizable.

Also, that was the same reaction I had when I found out about figcaption! It's amazing.

I love how as developers we all still get excited by the same silly things.

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