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Discussion on: Hello, police? I see bugs everywhere!

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Ania Gajecka Author

Thank you for your comment! :)
If testers talk with developers about the coding standards in non-aggressive way, then YAY :) There is also nothing wrong about metrics, until they are used for punishing purposes, e.g. to judge individual performance - they can be twisted into any interpretation and used in harmful way.

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Pavel Gurkov

I see, thanks for explanation.

It's strange to me that you tie terms "punishment" and "judging individual performance" together. I mean, imagine we're devs, and there's a tester testing our code. We work on the same parts of the same product. In a quarter, that tester shows us numbers: you've introduced 3 bugs into the codebase while I introduced 30. To me, that's a good indicator that, all things being equal, I'm way more careless than you. And that's some ground for actionable feedback, or for unit tests improvements, or whatever. But I see no harm in that.

Again, if you're talking about something like cutting a 1% off a yearly bonus for each bug, then sure, that's beyond the good and evil.