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Discussion on: Has using Linux changed your life?

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Anurag Vohra • Edited

It has made me learn so many things , which no other system would have made me acheive I guess.

  1. When I started, I was frustated with all the command I need to run for basic tasks like installations. But there are 10 or less commands, which any developer needs to use to download anyting on the planet and make it run. Once you know it, everything is piece of cake, with so vast community to help you with your issue.
  2. Tools like Python, GCC all preconfigured in the system, make everything hassle free.
  3. Moreover I was so inspired by Linux, I have even done createing Linux from scartch. Created a linux system, whose default shell was nodejs repl.[Who has never done it, it will be a very big deal, but once you do it, its so simple]
  4. Based on years of learning, I have an aspiration to create a VR based OS based on Linux Kernel. Its difficult, but I can imagine it only because everything is open source. I can hack where ever I want, whaetever I want into my Linux system.
  5. I use Lubuntu, with some really beautiful themes and have never felt that I miss anything from my Previous OS.
  6. I have Steam to play games on it.
  7. There is nothing I can complain about Linux as a developer.
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