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Aahnik Daw
Aahnik Daw

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Has using Linux changed your life?

I am curious to listen to other people whose lives have been changed by Linux.

I personally got into programming, and got the fun of the dev world, after I switched to Linux from windows, about 1 year back.

What is your story with Linux? I am curious to know.

Please comment. (but possibly keep it brief)

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Vincent Milum Jr

Linux for me has been nothing but frustrations in recent years, to the point I've removed it from every machine I own. Doing system administration work has become more and more of a hassle with it. I had a few FreeBSD boxes for redundancy of some services running on Linux. Over time, it became longer and longer amount of time to troubleshoot and fix issues that would arise on the Linux boxes, yet shorter and shorter on the FreeBSD boxes. After several years of this progression, I've made the full shift over to FreeBSD for all of my servers, with no intent on ever looking back.

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Anurag Vohra • Edited

It has made me learn so many things , which no other system would have made me acheive I guess.

  1. When I started, I was frustated with all the command I need to run for basic tasks like installations. But there are 10 or less commands, which any developer needs to use to download anyting on the planet and make it run. Once you know it, everything is piece of cake, with so vast community to help you with your issue.
  2. Tools like Python, GCC all preconfigured in the system, make everything hassle free.
  3. Moreover I was so inspired by Linux, I have even done createing Linux from scartch. Created a linux system, whose default shell was nodejs repl.[Who has never done it, it will be a very big deal, but once you do it, its so simple]
  4. Based on years of learning, I have an aspiration to create a VR based OS based on Linux Kernel. Its difficult, but I can imagine it only because everything is open source. I can hack where ever I want, whaetever I want into my Linux system.
  5. I use Lubuntu, with some really beautiful themes and have never felt that I miss anything from my Previous OS.
  6. I have Steam to play games on it.
  7. There is nothing I can complain about Linux as a developer.
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Teerth Sankesara

Started using it in first year of my engineering, it was an hassle at start for like a few months, Ubuntu didn't support my touch-pad so it was frustrating, but never gave up. I switched to mainline kernel, talked with few people on kernel development forums, and the guys helped me solve my issue (it took sometime, but it was worth the wait), I am into Linux because of the community and my love for open source and privacy..
I am never looking back to the hell that windows is....

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Linux has made my life so much easier with the command line. i am a terminal freak, i love terminals cuz it is so much easier to get stuff done on the terminal. and yea, tiling window managers are awesome

i use arch btw

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I got my first PC in 2000 (a hand-me-down), and morally objected to pirating windows. A friend gave me a CD with RedHat 6.0 (before RHEL was a thing) on and the rest is history.