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React native best for mobile app business

In a world full of challenges and growth, everything is happening strategically and differently. The population in the world is increasing at a rate of around 1.07% per year and the current average population increase is estimated at around 82 million people per year.

This is the reason, new technologies are coming to satisfy the needs of each and every person globally.

If we particularly talk about the mobile app development process, the situation is a bit more challenging. Mobile app development companies always look for the way for developing an app in a shorter time span while deploying it quickly without hindering with the quality and performance of the app.

Developers know the importance of cross-platform mobile app development process which has become a good way to develop an app. Developers are choosing cross-platform development process due to three reasons-

  1. The process helps in cutting the expenses
  2. The process saves time
  3. One can use the same code for both Android and iOS.

And React native is the solution and a method through which the above-mentioned things can be done precisely. But do you know anything about react-native? No? Let us help you.

React Native is an open source framework and a method that simply allows developers or any layman to build the app by using JavaScript. It was developed for easy development process along with giving the best user experience.

React native is becoming the major framework or we can say a library through which developers are taking ideas and codes for developing apps due to a few reasons-

a. React native apps function similar to native apps
b. The app uses the same UI building blocks as native iOS and Android
c. The react native apps do not differentiate themselves from the apps
built on Java, Swift or Objective-C

This is the brief introduction of react native, let us talk about the advantages of it to prove how it is the best option for mobile app business.

Compatibility with cross-platform- Earlier meant for only iOS, react native is now available for Android also. The number of React Native APIs are cross-platform, which allows developers in the process of mobile app building by making the procedure easier and better for both Android or iOS. Moreover, the codebase is the same for both the platform.

Updates- React Native allows live updates because of the use of JavaScript. The process and use of JavaScript help in pushing updates directly to the users' phone.

By this, a user does not require to go back to the app store for updating the whole app

So easy- As React Native fully relies on fundamental language, hence it is easily readable and easy. Apart from expert developers, even novice developers who are new to JavaScript can also take advantage of it.

Can be reused- With other note-worthy advantages, React Native shows up with another major advantage. React Native codes can be re-used easily for both iOS and Android

Hence developers are not required to build separate mobile app for different platforms.

Plugin support- React Native offers two types of plugin support, one is native modules and the second one is JavaScript modules. Hence, it becomes easy for developers to link any plugin with a third-party module.

Tailor-made solutions- React Native framework certainly helps mobile app development agency with its tailor-made solutions.

Libraries- With React Native, it becomes easy and simple to write flawless and bug-free code. There are various different tools available like- PropTypes and Flow for type checking, ESLint for linting, etc. Moreover, React Native is absolutely compatible with given JavaScript libraries.

Great experience- React Native is not limited to experienced and expert developers, even the novice developers can also work with it easily and flawlessly. One is not required to restart the app again while doing some modifications or implementations in it.

Layout- React Native uses flexbox layout engine which helps in-app layout. And the layout is perfect for both iOS and Android. By learning only one layout, you can develop apps for both the platform along with the web.

Coding style- React Native code becomes easy and flexible through declarative coding style. Declarative coding simplifies the coding process and makes the code readable for both the developers and the system.

Architectural presence- React Native carries intuitive modular architecture. This architecture helps the developers by offering the ability to upgrade and update applications faster.
User Interface- As React Native is all about User Interface, it creates order if implementation is just perfect and to the point. Moreover, UI which is made with the help of React Native is often more responsive apart from decreasing time.

Community online- As react-native is an open source platform, shows that all the documentation or information will be available to the general public and developers along with React Native community for free.

This practice brings you a great advantage.That advantage is when you get stuck at any point or at any stage related to React Native development, you can directly ask experts for help apart from checking solutions online.

These are the advantages of React Native, there are many React Native based apps available in the market. Let us give you a few names in order to understand the concept a bit better.

SoundCloud Pulse
Uber Eats

The names are well-known brand and are based on React Native approach. Moreover, React Native is offering a nice environment to the mobile app development sector.

It is helping many developers along with novice developers by portraying itself as a smooth and easy framework. With it, developers can bring out the best, creative and innovative features in the app.

Meanwhile, the apps enjoy the touch of native apps without compromising with the quality and smoothness.There is no doubt, by using React Native framework for developing mobile apps can definitely bring out the best solutions for both iOS and Android.

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