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re: Hi Ali, I'm game developer and I'm bit confused on how to represent myself on my portfolio. All texts went through many friends and revisions, s...

Hey! Cool site, I think the descriptions are great. I would make sure they're easy to read, though I would make the font white on the dark background, and maybe make it a little larger. I am not sure if the top image is saying much about you -- I don't think you need it! Maybe just have your name and something about you. Or make your about a little bigger! I would also either make the contrast between sections a little stronger (so some sections darker some lighter) or just make them all a dark grey. The black, dark grey, and dark red are so similar that it doesn't add much. I think it gets the information across really well though! Just make it easier to read!


Ah, thank you for your feedback!

Interesting, the contrast would be the last thing I would consider as something that should be changed.

Unfortunately, the site is made through system equivalent to, so I can't edit the colours. While ago I was "porting" the theme to my custom site. But that is still work in progress.

And you're right about the Jumbotron image, it's big and useless. I think I should spin the design a bit.

I honestly thank you, mainly for the opportunity you gave to devs to have feedback. I hope this will be in the top 7 posts of the week. Have a nice evening.


That's tough! I would maybe use a HTML/CSS template and upload to GitHub pages?

Hmm, sounds easy enough, but my experience were bit different :(

Thanks for the tip

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