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Discussion on: Ruby 2.7: The Pipeline Operator

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Brandon Weaver Author

I would say this is not a very charitable view of Matz's comment, and it would be wise to remember that English is not his first language. Perhaps we should ask for clarification on what he means by this before jumping to conclusions.

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John Carroll • Edited

On the face of it, yours seems like a very charitable response. But I see you've met him before so point taken.

Some of this could just be a shattering of the rose-tinted view I've (possibly mistakenly) held of the Ruby language.

It sounds like you've already had a more grounded understanding of Ruby's development process:

I believe you listen, and take our opinions, but ultimately decide on what your vision is. That is your right as the creator of the language.

That's not the community driven process I had imagined. This doesn't help.

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Exactly. People love taking things out of context too.

You can see this on reddit, where people keep on claiming "omg omg omg this is not following the principle of least surprise". It seems no matter how often I correct these statements, people do not listen and will repeat these erroneous statements. It is as if some do not want to learn, so they have a closed mind.