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Wow, lots of different keyboards here that I've never heard of. I'll have to check some of them out. For me, it's the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard. The mouse is garbage (I just toss it), but the keyboard meets all my requirements.

  • Ergonomic keyboard - Easy on the wrists for long coding sessions.
  • Wrist support - Again, important to help preserve the use of my hands (it would be difficult to work without them)
  • Oversized [DELETE] key optimally placed - It's my most used key in this section of the keyboard.
  • Arrow keys in the standard configuration - Makes it easier to hit the keys without looking.
  • Numeric keypad - This is a must on a desktop keyboard for me.
  • Minimal size - I don't like the big, clunky keyboards. I wish they wouldn't bother with the media keys, but the MS solution is reasonable to me (it's a hard switch, I just leave it on my F-keys).

Same here, may I add as a bonus point you can place the numeric pad to the left of the keyboard to enjoy extra symmetry and ergonomy!

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