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Discussion on: Nexmo Get Call on WebApp using Websocket

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Ben Greenberg • Edited

Hey Binu,

Sorry you feel that way! I noticed that you asked your question on Slack and got responses, and you also asked on Twitter, and also got responses. It seems you might need some more general help with getting started with Node.js and using websockets in general? There are some great articles and resources on about Node.js and getting up and running.

I found this article on dev that looks like a nice overview of websockets in Node:

This article looks like a really good intro to the tech:

This article shows working code that utilizes Node.js and websockets together, it might be a helpful place to begin to explore how to build your own app:

Best of luck to you!


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Binu Mathew Author

Got response, but not what i am looking for !! thats the problem.. any way let see, i hope this will help my need, but the problem now i am facing is , its old and not working properly !!