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Mohammed Shammout
Mohammed Shammout

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Websocket Counter Button

So I have created a button that increment a number when clicked 🎉

Yup, that's about it 😂

Well it's kinda more complicated than this, what I actually made is a button that increment a number when clicked but that number is global so that anybody clicking the button will add to the same number.

It's just a side project that I built to try some technologies that I've wanted to try for sometime now like websocket and vuejs.

I also added some stats to the mix to make the whole thing a little more interesting.

You can start clicking using the following link:

WS Button

I think there is room for improvement in my implementation so if you have the time please check it on my github and give me feedback on ways to improve it.

GitHub logo linkinmedo / ws-counter

Websocket Counter Button ⚡️

Websocket Counter Button

This is an over complicated counter button that is build using NodeJS, Websocket and VueJS.

Live version of this button can be found here.

Thank you and have a nice day 😁

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