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My First Static Web (Personal Site) at DigitalOcean App Platform

berviantoleo profile image Bervianto Leo Pratama ・2 min read

My Personal Site at DigitalOcean App Platfom

Category Submission: Personal Site/Portfolio

App Link

Hi, you can try my apps here


Front Page, Education Page & Work Experience Page

Front Page Education Page Work Experience Page
Screenshot_2020-12-31 Bervianto Personal Web Screenshot_2020-12-31 Bervianto Personal Web-1 Screenshot_2020-12-31 Bervianto Personal Web-3

Portofolio Page & About Page

Portofolio Page About Page
Screenshot_2020-12-31 Bervianto Personal Web-porto Screenshot_2020-12-31 Bervianto Personal Web-about


This is the site to show some of my work history and education history. You also can found some of my contacts there. This site build use vue.js, I really like vue, for me, it's easy to use and understand. I also host my site use DigitalOcean App Platform, it is awesome, easy to setup.

Link to Source Code

You can found the source code here

Permissive License

My source code license is MIT. Feel free to contribute or build for yours!


I'm not have many reason for this. I just want to build my own site so you can know more about me from this site. This site is simple, only bring that should be important to know for you.

How I built it

It will easy for you to deploy the site use template (the button). Yeah, it's kinda weird for deploy my site use template. :D But, this button template is really good way for me to easy setup! I build the site use vue.js, wow, I really glad App Platform also support it! Actually I don't really need to define what platform I use, they can detect seamlessly. I am a man that need to define as detail as well, so I still define it.

It is also easy to setup when you choose to start from App Platform portal. The site will guide you to setup your application and recommend some options that will be useful.

Additional Resources/Info

This is my first static site at App Platform. Hopefully I will submit another site that will use the backend. This is mine. How about yours?

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