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Discussion on: 11 Mistakes To Avoid On A Technical Interview

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Jean Karlo Obando Ramos

Thanks Elena. Great article 😊😊
I want to ask something. What do you think is the most common mistake in students to apply internships? I'm in the 8 level in the University and I'm searching a good company for work how intern. What do you recommend me??

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Elena Author

Hi Jean Karlo,
Good luck with the university! I just googled what "level 8" means, and it seems like you did a great job. Congrats!

And good luck with finding a job! I'm sure you'll do great!

Regarding common mistakes. I was thinking for a couple of minutes and couldn't really come up with a "list of mistakes". Instead, I came up with a list of great qualities that I saw them having.
In my opinion, students and recent graduates usually do very well because they're excited about the industry, the job, and are very eager to learn. It's okay if they don't know everything (no one does, really), and it's perfectly fine if they honestly admit that. I appreciate the honesty.
They also usually react well to feedback - for example, to code reviews, or if someone gives them an advice to watch for code quality, or how to organize their code better. They learn very quickly, and they have an open mind.

When I think back to when I was starting (now I sound like an ancient person, haha), I think that I could do better in understanding the requirements before building stuff. I would be excited about building a feature and would, naturally, be busy with building it, when instead I should have asked questions: why do the users need it? Is what I'm building the best for them? Do I understand the full picture? Did the product owner / business analytic / project manager / user researcher explain all details to me?
In the end I would sometimes have a great feature, which is not what the users wanted.
But again, it's perfectly fine to make mistakes and learn from them. Don't let anyone judge you for making an honest mistake. :)

Good luck in job hunting!

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Jean Karlo Obando Ramos

Thanks Elena. Your advice is so useful for me.
I said "I'm in level 8" because in my University is required pass 10 levels to complete the career. I don't belive is same to you found, or no? but Let me tell you, I'm so excited to start my career in this world and I'm goin to follow your advice especially one, "Try to understand need of user".