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DEV Brand Guidelines

DEV pattern

DEV is a community and brand that has evolved over time, starting with the Twitter account @thepracticaldev, so it's reasonable to have confusion about how we prefer to spell and pronounce our name. This page is to help you get it right.

Preferred Written Name

When referencing the brand/platform, please use either:

  • DEV (all caps, pronounced /d-eh-v/)
  • lowercase, pronounced /d-eh-v-ˈtü/)

When referencing the URL, please use:

  • lowercase, pronounced /d-eh-v-dät-tē-ˈō)

If you need the full name of the company, we are:

  • Dev Community Inc.

Do not write:

  • The Practical Dev

Do not say:

  • dev-toe

DEV Iconography


  • The font used for the DEV icon is not a font used for spelling other words. It's just for the logo of DEV.
  • The DEV is primarily displayed as classic (white on black) or rainbow (white on rainbow). Other color variations can represent different sub-themes of DEV.
  • The badge is square with rounded edges. The rectangular version is only to be used when space is absolutely of the essence (like on the DEV navigation bar)
  • Community-built / non-official DEV team apps may not use the classic or rainbow DEV logo. See below for community logos.



PNG versions

Font Awesome

DEV is available in any color as part of the Font Awesome icon set.

Ecosystem DEV apps (Community-built / non-official)

We encourage the community to build apps that extend the DEV application or utilize the DEV API. However, these apps must clearly indicate they are unofficial DEV apps and not from the official DEV team. We’ve created a community version of the DEV logo to use for these purposes.

In addition to using the community logo, all titles and descriptions of community-built DEV apps must indicate they were not created by the DEV team. For example a slack extension may not be titled “DEV” but it may be titled “DEV (unofficial)”.



Any more questions?

Please do not hesitate to reach out to for any clarifications.