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Discussion on: The 1 hour challenge, can you survive it?

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Oleksii Filonenko

1 hour challenge
Survived: true
Cheated: false
Cheat method: n/a
Access denied (no net) count: 0
Access Denied List: n/a
Better Dev from experience: true
Reason for being better:
Reminded me how you can prepare for (limited) offline development sessions and have fun with it. Also, I learned to use the tools given to me fuller.
Decided to do some Rust web dev with WASM (preparing for async/await).

  • rustup doc is so, so great. All the core books and reference on Rust, offline.
  • DevDocs works offline and gives me the web docs I need.
  • cargo (Rust package manager) caches all installed packages locally, and it ensures no network connections are attempted when run with --frozen - thus allowing for 0 "access denied" hits ;)
  • tldr pages help me to remember my tar flags :)
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Ian Wilson

I did exactly this when I was on a 4hr flight, Rust comes with just about everything you need to be productive offline!

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DeChamp Author

I see that Rust is setup for this apparently, since you're not the only one saying this. I haven't personally used it but maybe I'll take a glance.