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I mostly just code or run. Aside from programming I'm generally training for a marathon.

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UC Santa Barbara


Full Stack Developer at OneSignal

Mastering the File System with Rust

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Breaking Out of a Rut or Creative Block

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Building Powerful GraphQL Servers with Rust

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ReasonML with React Hooks Tutorial — Building a Pomodoro Timer

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The Edge, Wit, and Courage of ReasonML

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ReasonML with GraphQL, the Future of Type-Safe Web Applications

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Intro to ReasonML Variants

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How a Type System Improves your JavaScript Code

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How Apollo Saves Us Effort in Jump Starting a GraphQL Server

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Build Real-time Apps by Learning WebSockets

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How to build sturdy React Apps with TDD using Jest the React Testing Library

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#showdevI Wrote a Go Script to Generate Gists, Here's What I Learned

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Learn to Architect and Test GraphQL Servers by Observing Spectrum

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The Vue from React - Building apps with Vue using my knowledge of React

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Why Use GraphQL?

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Shiny Object Syndrome or: How Not To Focus

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Building a Coffee Map with React Native

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