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This is an interesting question. So my work has great work life balance. We are expected to work 40 hours a week, and if we can't finish something within time it gets pushed back. This is good to help keep employees in the company because our system is so complicated and with so little documentation that new hires take at least a year to be productive.

So to address your points:

Asking for help

Absolutely I feel like I can ask for help at anytime. As such I will frequently ask how parts of our system work if I am unfamiliar since there is no documentation. One unfortunate part though is at this point I am the most up to date with technology, so there is no one to learn from in that regard.


We have access to a bunch of paid (by the company) online courses and are given time to take them. We are also allowed to go to some conferences with pre-approval, which is given if reasonable and well ahead of schedule.

Voicing Opinion

Aaah, this is the trickier one. To my direct boss and team absolutely my opinion counts, but where the decisions are made not particularly.

Overall I am in the opposite position, would I consider taking a 20-40% pay increase at the sacrifice of work life balance, great immediate coworkers, and ability to ask for help. I'm not sure I could fully sacrifice the work life balance part.


The work life balance you described definitely sounds ideal - I knew I missed something when I wrote this so I'm going to add that in later when I get a sec! Judging from what you said, it sounds like you're not in the position where you'll struggle if you don't get a pay rise soon.

I've often wondered how common it is that companies have poor/no internal documentation... because the customers don't need to use it directly etc. In that case, being able to ask for help is more important than ever. I'll definitely bear this mind from now on as a question to ask!


Yeah it is not the worst for sure.

I think companies are trying so hard to get profitable and everyone knows everything at that point that they postpone docs. Then by the time they realize it's a problem some people have left and it's a juggernaut to tackle.

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