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Developer with strong interests in encouraging diversity in tech, travelling and occasional tea drinking.

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University of Sheffield


Full Stack Engineer at Unmind

#discussWhat are some examples of awesome GitHub profile READMEs?

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Six non-technical lessons I learnt during my COVID-19 job search

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#discussWhat are your favourite online remote working communities?

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#watercoolerHow do you (gue)estimate the size of the room you live in?

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#discussWhat are your strategies for remembering information in your role?

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Five advice for a developer settling into a new team

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#discussIs using z-index in your CSS bad practice?

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#watercoolerDo you wear earplugs at loud music events?

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#discussWhat word/phrase do you use to include everyone?

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My takeaways from JSNation 2019

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#discussFive things I learnt from being a Code First: Girls instructor

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#discussWill you take a paycut for a supportive work environment?

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My first React Amsterdam experience as a solo attendee

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