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Hey, my name's Thana and I've been programming for 5 years now. I'm employed working on a Web Forms application and I'm a full stack developer. It's an old technology and wasn't written in a very maintainable way so I love getting to introduce new design patterns and concepts to the team, as well as refactor old sections of the code. In my spare time I try to work with MVC and WPF to get my feet wet in other frameworks.

Most days I absolutely love programming. There's nothing better than the rush you feel when you track down the exact line causing a bug, or when your code runs on the first try. It's never ever the same and you're free to be creative and try new things. It's an always evolving field where you write something you feel is "perfect", then look back on it a year from now with more experienced eyes and can find a way to improve it.

I kept getting suggestions to come read posts from this site and after reading enough that I enjoyed I figured it was time to join up.

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