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Hey there! Welcome to dev.to!

Pikachu (?) turns around and smiles :)

Leave a comment below to introduce yourself to the community!✌️

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

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  3. Or answer this question: what do you enjoy most about programming?


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Hola a todos. Escribo en español con la esperanza de encontrar más desarrolladores hispanos con los que pueda compartir conocimientos por este medio.


Hola Daniel. Primer cosa, español no es mi primer idioma... lo siento si digo algo mal. Pero, quiero aprender a hablar (y escribir) mejor porque acabo de regresar de Costa Rica y quiero moverme alli. De todos modos, nada más que decir, bienvenido a DEV. :-)


Hola Michael.
Descuida. Se entiende perfecto y claro.
Costa Rica es un hermoso país. Yo estoy cerca (Panamá). Gracias por la bienvenida.
La verdad se está será una comunidad hispana muy acogedora.
Saludos 👋🏻

Gracias, Daniel!

Y, estoy de acuerdo en que Costa Rica es muy hermosa. Debo admitir que tuve que usar la ayuda de Google para la última oración. :-)

Estoy pensando en mudarme a Puerto Viejo con mi esposa... muy cerca Panamá. Entonces, tal vez seamos vecinos. :-P


En todo caso Bienvenido a Centroamérica:)


Hey, con respecto a lo de traducir artículos, está muy buena la herramienta de DeepL, realmente es muy precisa (muchísimo más que GTranslate) y su uso no comercial es gratuito :)


Hola Gabriela.
No la conocía. La acabo de probar y de verdad que tiene mejores resultados que Google Translate. Gracias👍🏻


Hola Daniel, soy de Argentina. Un gusto conocerte.


Hola soy de Honduras, y acabo de unirme, soy desarrollador Android y actualmente involucrando en el desarrollo en Ethereum.


Bienvenido a la comunidad. 👋🏻


¡Hola a todos! Saludos desde República Dominicana.


Yo también soy desarrollador hispano aunque ando encubierto en este sitio e_e ;)


Excelente camarada.
Quizás la iniciativa y el contenido que podamos aportar sea el catalizador del surgimiento de una comunidad nueva en este sitio 🙌🏻

De hecho había estado compartiendo lo que aprendo por acá con unos compañeros pero me parece interesante la idea de motivar la creación de una sub comunidad para otros colegas latinos.

Claro que sí.
Creo que sería un buen aporte. Sobre todo para aquellas personas hispanas que no dominan o dominan parcialmente el inglés.
Inclusive aparte de los aportes personales creo que sería interesante traducir post de interes al español.

Hola estoy totalmente de acuerdo seria interesante asi muchos que no dominan el ingles se motivarian a unirse.

Claro que si. Empezaré posteando algunos temas esperando sean de su interés. 👍🏻

¿Qué temáticas sugieren?

particularmente temas de herramientas o tecnologias por que asi se puede ser un poco mas agnostico y no enfocarse en un lenguaje. Si necesitas ayuda con algun tema estoy disponible.


Hola Daniel! Cómo estás? Otro hispano por acá! Cuando quieras conversar sobre JS o React, solo avísame ;)

Gusto en conocerte


Hola tocayo. Claro que si.
Será muy interesante compartir conocimientos.


Yo pensaba que la página era de puros gringos jajajaja. Que bueno saber que si hay una buena cantidad de hispanohablantes.

Saludos desde Colombia.


Hola 👋

Argentino 🇦🇷 viviendo en Perú 🇵🇪 por acá.


Saludos Sergio.
Ecuatoriano 🇪🇨 viviendo en Panamá 🇵🇦
Parece que si hay quorum de hispanos :)

Somos muchos, en todas partes, pero se habla principalmente inglés acá, aunque hay varios artículos en español, no estoy seguro cual es la postura de DEV sobre el contenido en otros idiomas.

It could be interesting to know actually, @ben is there any problem to write content in another language aside of English? eg. Spanish. I saw a few in the past but I'm not sure what's the official position from the admins, I have a lot of tutorials in Spanish I would like to cross-post here :)

Pues sería muy beneficioso para aquellos que no dominan el idioma. Una buena forma de democratizar la información.


Use it or lose it. I'm an aged analyst involved in system Integration. I just would like to throw in my 'two cents worth' of insights.

For example, most beginners are 'gungho' to get started without knowing the 'terrain' they're in. There's FRONT-END, BACK-END and FULL-STACK DEVELOPMENT. Do they even know and understand those terms?

The popular issue is what language to get into without knowing the necessary skill sets to thrive... CONTROL STRUCTURES - CONSTRUCTS and DATA STRUCTURES - DATASTRUCTS are fundamental concepts...

Good luck 😨


This resonated for me. In all things a fundamental approach will always be the most sound. I'm well more an 'imposter' than Ms. Ashley Petitpas, but also I'm an engineering graduate M.S. Industrial Engr, with limited experiences in software development. Always have considered doing some deep dives as certain problems I'm interested in can likely be solved via politically astute application to software development, especially in machine learning and especially of the reinforcement type. But I well realize that a fundamental understanding of certain computer science topics is essential as is having a structured, rational approach to apply for every development project.

Can you suggest any thing else I should incorporate in my approach Da2@ciri3dg ?

My next trick is to perhaps take a SAS cert course for various reasons. BTW. Also thinking the MSFT Jr. Dev cert course will be helpful given the approach I've seen in the TOC.


This is my first "hello" post to the community since just setting up here minutes ago.

Thank you.


Am interested in web and ain't sure whether am into frontend,vbackend or full stack,kindly advice please


Front-end would be a an easier way to start.

Thanks,and how will I go about it?

If you still don't know html & css, start with these MARKUP languages. Then pick a language php or python.

You also need to read on control & data structures (constructs & datastructs) to be able to program.

Hasta Mañana


Hi everyone! I'm Eline, 24 from Paris, France! I want to make a change in my life/career and learn web development. I'm following CS50 on edx and freecodecamp for now :) Excited to meet you all, and if you're a beginner come talk to me! :D


Hi Eline,am a beginner interested in Web development.Currently am into JavaScript ,HTML CSS .I'll be glad to hear from you


hi there!! so cool you are doing freecodecamp and CS50, I have done both and enjoyed it :)


Hi! I’m fairly new to programming. It was a hobby for a long time, and in 2018 i decided to make it my career. I love problem solving and finding ways to automate repetitive and/or tedious tasks. It’s also neat to build something useful and see people enjoy using something I helped create. Happy to be a part of this community and hope to contribute.


Hey Ben! This is excellent. I am also a big fan of automating stuff. Microsoft Flow is my current go to automation tool :-)


I’ll have to check out flow! Thanks!


Hey hey :) Welcome to dev.to! I really enjoy being able to solve problems with pretty much unlimited attempts. There's a lot of fun in being able to sandbox and experiment all different ways of figuring out a solution.


Hi guys! I’m Lautaro, Argentine currently living in São Paulo, Brazil.
I came here because of the 2018 rails conf. I got super curious about the site, and it’s true... it’s FAST.
I’m a Ruby in Rails developer working on a super ambitious project and I’m mainly here because I would like to learn more about “scaling” and “performance” (the dark side of rails).


Hey Everyone,

I am an iOS Developer from India, currently working in China. I have a keen interest in Swift and have recently started exploring React-Native. I enjoy solving problems and programming gives me various opportunities to solve technical problems. I am looking forward to learn from and share with this community.

Kushal Ashok


Hi everyone,

I'm Vinayak a freelancing student current overwhelmed by lot of new technologies and of course ever rising price of college books😑😑😂😂. I'm looking for someone to guide to the world of contribution's to Open Source. P.S DM me if you are interested.
Happy coding


Hey fellas, am Chukwunonso, Chuks for short. Am a computer science graduate based in Lagos, Nigeria. I'm an upcoming Full Stack web developer, but focusing on the front-end for now. I am strengthening my knowledge on JavaScript and hoping to get into React.js and some other framework soon.

I believe this platform is a good source of resources for progress in my career path, and I wish to utilize it to the fullest.


Hey, my name's Thana and I've been programming for 5 years now. I'm employed working on a Web Forms application and I'm a full stack developer. It's an old technology and wasn't written in a very maintainable way so I love getting to introduce new design patterns and concepts to the team, as well as refactor old sections of the code. In my spare time I try to work with MVC and WPF to get my feet wet in other frameworks.

Most days I absolutely love programming. There's nothing better than the rush you feel when you track down the exact line causing a bug, or when your code runs on the first try. It's never ever the same and you're free to be creative and try new things. It's an always evolving field where you write something you feel is "perfect", then look back on it a year from now with more experienced eyes and can find a way to improve it.

I kept getting suggestions to come read posts from this site and after reading enough that I enjoyed I figured it was time to join up.


my name is Mohammad
interested in programming and development web using php, html, css, javascript , laravel etc for recently years
and not speaking and writing english native so sorry about not good english writing.


Hi all. I am currently a student in computer engineering, likewise I am learning to specialize in javascript technologies, being even more specific, in react and node. I hope to learn a lot in the community, and if possible, meet people who are starting a path similar to mine, it does not matter if it is in other areas, or also meet people with experience from which to learn to learn a lot.

a greeting from Venezuela!


Hello to everyone in the community!!
I'm Meenakshi Agarwal, have extensive experience in Software Programming and Testing. I create applications, write blogs on Python, Java, Selenium, C, C++, CSharp, Angular, PHP, JavaScript, Agile, Manual and Automation Testing concepts.
I wish you all make a spectacular and thriving career in the upcoming New year 2019!!!


Hello, I am an aspiring developer coming from a networking background after graduating from the university of lincoln,

I joined this community to further my learning with web development in hope to go full stack!


Konstant Infosolutions is a web and mobile app development firm that carries over a decade of experience with UAE as one of its core service regions. With mobile solutions as its competency, the firm also deals in cloud solutions, IoT development, and offshore staffing.


Hi there,

I am a full stack developer, technical architect and evangelist who work for a kick-ass financial organization based out of India. From a personal and professional perspective, we have been moving away from existing monolith to microservices based architecture and I am exploring Go & gRPC as an option for future development. Read a lot of nice articles here and would love to part of this community and contribute for the good cause.


I don't believe I've introduced myself but in case I did apologies for repetition!

I'm a web development student with Bloc.io but it's been pretty spotty since trying to get adjusted with mental health/leaving jobs/some other things this year. Now I'm trying to find an accountability buddy and someone just to bounce ideas back and forth with. I'm still trying to finish the curriculum but am going back and starting from the beginning to make up for the stuff I lost. Dabbling in game development (mostly Twine and Bitsy) and having a great time with that. I'm getting read to build my own PC this year and hoping that really helps me better understand how computers work and stuff. Really excited to be here and learn some more!


Apparently what I like about programming is probably these things:

  • It's completely logical and controllable, unlike the reality that is uncertain, which sort of makes you feel powerful
  • You create something real out of pretty much nothing, and you can see your idea materializing
  • The ideas that you learn when you learn programming languages, platforms, frameworks and various approaches are often amazingly beautiful, which feels like a kind of art that only a developer can appreciate

Yeah! I can resonate with your reasons. 😁

But for me, the major thing that I like about programming is that it is easy to integrate it with other disciplines and hobbies. I found it that programming is the connector between hobbies and pretty much the reason why I can find more potential hobbies.


Hi Guys!

I was a programmer who got sucked into business and products. After spending 6 years as a product guy I wish to learn coding again. I am writing code as we are speaking and learning how to build web apps. As of now I am starting from scratch so would need your support. If people wish to know about me they can visit my LinkedIn profile



Hi everyone! My name is Jamie McCarville and I'm from Manitoulin Island, Ontario - Canada (born and raised in Ottawa). I have been learning to code and I am looking to transition into a job as a developer. I am currently working in education. I started with the basics with Freecodecamp and then signed up with Skillcrush. I learned HTML, CSS, JS, intro to design/Adobe suite and then did a couple of classes on Wordpress. I chose to do WP because I had a first client lined up that was looking for a WP site. After completing those classes, I wanted to strengthen my JS skills, so I went back to Freecodecamp and worked through the intro to JS and ES6 lessons. I am going to continue working through the rest of the FCC JS certificate on my lunches at work as the format is perfect for doing a couple of lessons at a time.

I am currently working through the ES6 course and javascript 30 from Wes Bos. I then plan on going through his node course and then diving into Vue and the MEVN stack. As with most new devs, I wasn't sure what language/stack I wanted to pursue. I always liked the idea of fullstack so that I could work on/understand all the parts. After doing a lot of reading and thinking I landed on fullstack JS with Vue. I like the idea of using the same language across the whole stack and being a new dev, the easier learning curve and good documentation were selling points for Vue. Anyways, that's where I've been so far and where I'm headed, so if you have any questions or are in a similar spot and looking into similar topics, feel free to hit me up. I found this site by coming across a number of helpful articles and if I would love to help if I can. Happy coding and here's to a success filled 2019!


Hey folks! Non-dev here, but just joined the DEV team as a Community Coordinator and am siked to help them out with various content duties. :-)

A little about me... I studied Creative Writing in university, lived abroad in Scotland for a while, and am currently in NC doing the WFH thing. I like listening to funk music, watching wildlife, and eating Chinese food.

Hope to get to know everybody better over time and who knows... maybe even try my hand at some coding. Seems like a welcoming place for beginners!


Hello, world!

Joining this community after reading a couple of posts via Twitter (@talexb ), and finally realizing I need to extend my network a little. Looking forward to some interesting conversations.


Hello Everyone! Bakar here :D I'm just a budding software developer and working with Java specifically it's enterprise realm!

I haven't graduated yet but delayed due to one year internship; which is pretty far from home.

Apart from that I loved reading Dev.to because of it's design and loads of wonderful community content/chatter!


I just happened to be in english right behind you. The hardest part for me was getting first job people love young fresh minds to go all in and i usually got hired for a problem someone was having because i worked in production maintaining working code there are always people on the bleeding edge who need people to solve something a lot of developers are just spoiled in a room and not even wanted back to ever see it work or you can customize off the shelf apps


Hi everyone.My purpose here is to learn and share my knowledge. I love to be a good Java developer and provide solutions to the real world problems... Making applications to help sole customers problems..


Hello everyone! I'm actually an UX designer diving my way into web-development.
I enjoyed programming for the first time with python (and that is way before becoming designer).
I'm actually learning development using the MERN stack.
I have crossed useful posts with real life topics and practices(not just tutorials) from Dev.to and that is why I'm here.
Really excited to be here!


Howdy! I learned about this place from a Slack I hang out on, and it seems like a pretty good place to talk about programming and design and mutual education.

I think my favorite thing about programming is solving problems that get in the way of access to information or the like.

My largest project from the last year is Publ, a web publishing system that's intended to make it easier for people to manage their content and whatnot in a flexible way. I use it to run my own website at beesbuzz.biz/ which is the main thing I wrote it for (hopefully other people want to use it too, someday!). I'm also hugely into IndieWeb principles and want to see the Internet return to a self-published own-your-own-presence world like it was before the various social networks took over (while still retaining the advantages of social networking such as making it easier to follow and discover others).


Hello! My name is Chris. I stumbled across this website and was instantly interested. I'm looking to switch careers into web development.

I finished a bootcamp earlier this year where I learned the basics of web development along with the .Net framework, but I've only had the chance the last couple months to start my job search, but I've been struggling with some anxiety and feelings of imposter syndrome, as I'm still really new to all of this.

Currently, I'm trying to learn the MERN stack and use to it build a note-taking application.

I'm looking forward to meeting with people and talking with everyone!


Hey everyone! 👋
My names Lewy, I'm passionate about WebGL and opensource, and three.js in particular. I'm currently writing a book on how to build 3D web apps. You can checkout out the free sample over on discoverthreejs.com (hope that's not considered spamming!)


Hi friends,
I am Oguzhan and you can just call me Ouz, from Turkey.
as like you I'm hanging out here for having better skills, share some experiences and learn something.
I believe that every person can find something to learn, if who keep own passionate on.
Hope our travel will be full of enjoyment and knowledge.