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Discussion on: Describe the Best Interview You've Been In

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E. Choroba

For my current position, I was invited for a 4-hour interview that consisted of 4 different sessions: coding, architecture, processes, and general Q/A with the manager. I liked the processes part the most: two people from the Security department prepared a role playing game for me based on an actual incident they had had few weeks before. I played the Engineer on Duty and I had to explain my decisions, with them interrupting me unexpectedly at times with "It's 2:30 PM, another machine becomes unreachable" etc. I had to ask a lot of questions (and I learned a lot about my future work that way) to be able to find a solution, and the questions were probably more important to them than the final solution (which was, accidentally, the same as the one they had made).

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Kim Arnett  Author

Wow, that sounds super fun, yet intense. It's really interesting how some thought on the interviewer's side has such a positive effect in the interview, and this seems really neat compared to the standard "google {technology} interview questions"